As the prime funder of Youth activities in the UK, the UJIA provide core funding for mainstream Jewish youth movements, covering rent and staff salaries, whilst the JYF is able to fund small specific items for the youth movements eg leadership training and other youth organisations that may not receive support from UJIA.

JYF grants are suitable for:

  • Applicants must be organisations, groups or clubs which are registered charities whose beneficiaries are of the Jewish faith in the United Kingdom. Applicants cannot be individuals.
  • Applicants must provide positive informal educational experiences and/or recreation opportunities for young people of the Jewish faith within the UK, defined as those aged 9-21.
  • Applicants may apply for individual projects and/or relevant equipment, but staff salaries in isolation are not usually covered. Grants will only be given if there is confidence that Child Protection, Health & Safety, Data Protection and other relevant policies are in place.
  • Applicants will only be considered for informal education in an informal setting, regardless of ability, Jewish affiliation or geography.
  • Regular annual funding will be available for cross-communal, youth-led organisations that do not have either significant institutional or denominational backing.
  • Support for leadership training will be based on a per capita basis, taking into consideration the numbers of young people who attend the programme for whom leaders are being trained.
  • All other applicants can only apply every other year for funding.
  • Applicants can apply for grants worth £1,000 – £10,000.
  • Applications are encouraged from Jewish organisations with projects for young people with disabilities, who have a long-term illness, special educational needs or are considered to belong to at-risk groups (e.g. NEETs).
  • The JYF will only consider applications for large capital grants in exceptional circumstances.

JYF Personnel


Stephen Spitz

Vice Chairman

Philippa Strauss

Hon. Treasurer

Adam Rose


Simon Cutner
David Goldberg
Philip Goldstein
Joshua Marks
Ruth, Lady Morris of Kenwood CBE
Lord Jonathan Morris
Elliot Simberg


Esmond Rosen


Julia Samuel

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